Elevating your online presence with PEAK TECH

Peak Tech offers a one-stop solution for corporate websites, e-commerce websites, WeChat mini programs, and IT technical services. We provide comprehensive and professional technical services and solutions, from domain name registration to corporate email, from website development to server hosting and maintenance, from WeChat public accounts to mini programs.

Partial Client

It is our mission to serve our clients to the best of our ability and create value for them.

Core Services

Peak Tech provides comprehensive and professional technical services and solutions for you.

Corporate Website

In the age of the internet, every business should have its own website. Peak Tech can custom-develop various types of websites for your business.

E-commerce Website

Peak Tech can customize e-commerce websites according to your needs, fully integrating inventory management and POS system.

Custom development

The Peak Tech team can design and develop programs tailored to your specific needs and provide one-stop solutions.

WeChat Mini Program

Utilizing the ease of use and spreadability of mini programs within the WeChat ecosystem, Peak Tech helps you quickly attract and expand your customer base.

WeChat Advertising

Peak Tech can plan and launch WeChat ads to reach a large number of Chinese customers in the most effective way.

Website SEO

We not only optimize keywords, but also take a comprehensive approach to improving your website's keyword ranking by addressing code and website structure.

Why choose us?

You are choosing not only a technical service provider, but also a partner.

We are a local IT team in New Zealand, located in Auckland, with many years of technical accumulation and project experience. We can develop feasible solutions and quickly execute project development according to your business needs.

  • Rich experience and efficient communication
  • First-class technology and comprehensive service
  • Professional maintenance and quick response
  • System Stability and Data Security
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Work Process

It only takes three steps to quickly complete your needs.

Demand Communication

Communicate detailed requirements in the early stage, determine the implementation plan, and evaluate the time and cost required.

  • Step 01.

Project Implementation

The customer prepares the required materials, and Peak Tech carries out the project design and function development.

  • Step 02.

Project Delivery

The project is accepted, the product is officially launched, and the project is closed. Carry out subsequent routine maintenance.

  • Step 03.