Corporate website design and development

What we do for you is not just a website, but an online brand.

  • Responsive web design for optimal display on different devices
  • Easy to use and update website content
  • Optimized architecture for Google SEO
  • Professional maintenance and quick response

E-Commerce Website Development

We offer custom development based on your company's specific needs, ensuring better satisfaction of your real requirements

  • Integration of website, POS, and WeChat order taking
  • Detailed inventory tracking and price management
  • Dual currency pricing and payment in NZD and CNY
  • Customized shipping calculation algorithms

WeChat Mini Program Development

WeChat mini programs are the best tool for enterprises to promote and acquire customers in the Chinese market.

  • Leveraging the large user base of WeChat, making it easy to acquire customers
  • No need to download, making it easier for customers to open the mini program
  • Easy-to-use mini program, making it easier to complete orders
  • Based on the mini program, making it easier to market within the WeChat ecosystem.

Customized Service & Development

We can customize the design and development of our programs according to your specific needs, providing a one-stop solution.

  • Thorough communication of requirements and analysis of specific needs
  • Customized solution based on requirements
  • Front-end and back-end design and development based on solution
  • Project launch and user training, followed by regular maintenance.

WeChat Marketing

WeChat has a large user base and is the best advertising channel for the Chinese market.

  • WeChat Offical Account advertising
  • WeChat Moments advertising
  • Precise delivery with multi-dimensional targeting options
  • High efficiency, maximizing exposure with minimal cost.

Website SEO

SEO is an inevitable trend for business promotion, providing maximum exposure with minimal cost.

  • Extraction of rich SEO keywords
  • Optimization of code tags and structure
  • Optimization of website URL structure
  • Optimization of internal links among pages.

Peak Tech provides one-stop IT technical services for you.

Use technology to boost business and create value for the company.